Your world is enormous. 

Let's Share your story.

At Rode Studios, we have a goal to bring new life to your project. Through professional video, photo, and creative design services, we will help you share your brand story. Our Utah-based crew will bring your production ideas to life using the latest in camera equipment - both ground-based and aerial.

You'll always get the shot, whether it's on top of a mountain or down in the valley.


Get the shot, no matter where it is.


Production is an art, and it's one we're passionate about.

Looking at things from a new angle is what we've always done. We like to create videos that people remember - ones that leave you excited for what's to come - so we utilize the newest cameras and the newest technologies, like steady cams, gimbals, and drones. We're always shooting in future-proof 4K resolution as well, so your footage will look stunning for years to come.


Equipment nothing short of amazing.


flying cameras are the best kinds of cameras.

With the increasing popularity of drones and aerial video, we're staying ahead of the curve with the most advanced equipment on the market. 

Drones have brand new laws, and we've already been flying through the hoops so you don't have to. Our experienced Salt Lake City based team are all licensed UAV pilots, and further licensed as high as the Airline Transport Pilot License. We're up to date on the latest FAA laws governing UAS, including the newest Part 107 regulations. We also operate with Exemption 333 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, allowing for further commercial operation of drones.