Jason Clark


Jason has been a force to be reckoned with in the Northern Utah business world ever since finishing high school. After his extremely successful upstarts Adrenaline Moto and Bountiful Flight, he decided to take on video production with Rode Studios. Turning passion into a living is what Jason does, and his passion for video production is finally getting its chance to shine. Follow Jason if you want to see how to turn dreams into reality!


Caleb White


Caleb's background can be found in the sky. A career pilot, Caleb has been flying for years and dabbling in video production for just as long, with GoPro footage and a skilled group of friends that are nice enough to let him film them. When drones became viable aerial camera solutions, Caleb created QuadCapture, an aerial video company that saw a good amount of success. Rode Studios is the evolution and continuation of QuadCapture, and he's excited about where things will go. The sky isn't the limit anymore!  


Mike Swim

Partner / Content Creator and Designer

If you ask Mike, he'll probably tell you he's artsy. He's a lefty so his hands have been covered in graphite, paint, aerosols, and anything else you can get dirty with while creating stuff. Video, Photo, and Design skills make this fellow a jack-of-all trades. Just check out his portfolio (mikezswim.com) to see the skills that pay the bills. Mike pairs his creative talents with strategy learned from sales and marketing in the outdoor industry and from a BA in Marketing at Westminster College.